About Chippy

Chippy The Clown - appearancesChippy the Clown truly is the little clown with a great big HEART. You see, even when wearing her over-sized clown shoes, Chippy is a few inches shy of 5 feet tall. Chippy believes that clowning and bringing joy to others comes from the heart… and her goal in life is to bring joy, happiness and laughter to all the kind-hearted people that she meets.

“I can come as Chippy The Clown, or, if you prefer, I can still do a wonderful show out of makeup.”

Why Kids Love Chippy

With her diminutive stature, minimal make-up, and a warm-hearted sense of humor, Chippy makes an unimposing figure that even those who are hesitant towards clowns warm to quickly. Chippy creates a festive atmosphere that makes it easy for children to smile, giggle, have fun and develop their sense of imagination. It is through this process that memories are made that last forever.

Chippy’s Story

The role of Chippy the Clown has been played by Helene Lyons at both public and private events throughout southeastern Pennsylvania since 1989. That year, while in attendance at a local parade, Helene noticed how happy a young handicapped boy next to her became when the clowns came frolicking by. That moment inspired Helene to share her own love and happiness through clowning. Later that summer, she enrolled in a local clown school and the character of Chippy was born.

Since that beginning, Helene has displayed a passionate dedication to growing her skills by seeking out and attending workshops, courses, and conventions.

Chippy offers entertainment for kid’s parties and other special events, balloon twisting, a touch of magic, and interactive silly songs that delight children and adults, and can perform in or out of clown costume.

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Chippy believes in spreading love, laughter and joy throughout her community, especially to those who are less fortunate. That is why she belongs to the local chapter of Clowns ‘R US, As part of Clowns ‘R US, Chippy has performed at charitable events to help raise money for holiday toys for children as well as at hospitals, shelters, and nursing homes throughout the northern Philadelphia Suburbs in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Kiddabra - proud memberAs a member of KIDabra, The Association of Family and Kidshow Performers, Chippy regularly attends KIDabra seminars and conventions to learn new ways to improve her performances.